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Tools through which you can control every small and large thing on your site. It also features an easy control panel suitable for those who do not have technical experience. This type supports the cPanel and WHM control panel and supports many programming languages ​​and their scripts such as PHP. e system. Windows Hosting The second type is Windows hosting which supports AS.

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SQL databases Of course the disadvantage of this type is that the operating.  System is not free as it represents additional costs in Turkey WhatsApp Number Data addition to being more difficult to deal with than the other system. The most important types of hosting for websites. Types of hosting for websites Shared Hosting. The mostosting can handle visits of up to visitors depending on the plan you have chosen and provides all the tools you may.

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The site and this hosting is distinguished by being the cheapest In terms of cost compared to other types. Virtual Private. Server Hosting Guatemala Phone Number List VPS The second and best type after shared hosting is VPS hosting which is a virtual server that you get completely and you can host more than one website on it easily and use its resources without sharing other sites. Of course this type is suitable for medium sized sites that grow continuously and the previous type is no longer suitable for them in addition to sites. Large ones that receive more than visits per month. Cloud Hasting The third type depends on cloud services which.

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