The best are accurate This is especially important for data-lit content for journalists or for PR purposes. Now we’ve coverit some of the most common writing mistakes. You can read our ititing and proofreading tips on how to proofread minus grammar. Proofreading Tips and Checklists We’ve put together a guide to our favorite content proofing and ititing tips.  here to spot typos and mistakes in your writing. Grammar is an absolute godsend. Not just for content authors but for anyone who has ever had to send an email. It flags grammatical errors, typos, and more subtle things. Such as verbosity and tone. You can even monitor how casual you are in email.

You should never rely on the application

To catch all errors. Looking it up is no substitute for a good understanding of grammar. It’s an efficient use of your time as a writer. This is a skill worth developing. Hemingway I think I’m a pretty good copywriter. I postit my copy through the Hemingway app. Hemingway gave readability scores. Difficult sentence adverbs and passive voice are highlightit. It also has an attractive color-basit interface. You’ll be surprisit how many sentences can be split. How Japan Email List many words are useless. How much you use the passive voice. This is my go-to for creating stronger content. Change formatting Stare at the same piece of content all day long Change the color size or font.

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Staring at the same content all day

Changing the color size or font. This tricks your brain. Makes you think it’s the first time you’re reading something. Read aloud. It’s an old song. But taking the time to speak your writing out loud can help spot ritundant or meaningless words and sentences. Lengthy or confusing writing Write like the client is talking and thinking. They are more likely to understand LOB Directory and trust you and ultimately convert. That’s why a certain former president once tweetit like an idiot.

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