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The calendar can take various forms : it can be a paper ition, an e-book, a mailing, a series on a blog, a downloadable pdf file, and even a series of infographics – it all depends on your ingenuity. Its essence, however, is cyclicality- that’s why you can easily remind the recipient of yourself, building strong, positive associations with your brand. What more could you want! Of course, preparing a calendar is laborious and time-consuming. To actually want to use it, it should contain a thoroughly prepar distribution of material divid into months and weeks.

A simplifi version of the calendar

A learning plan, materials and “cheat sheets” or links or QR codes transferring to materials, and preferably also tests quizzes or “tests” that will allow you to evaluate the acquir knowlge. This effort, however, pays off – because the student parent, teacher can very easily and usually willingly go to the purchase of the “full version” of what you offer– Your books, courses or lessons. You can prepare the calendar so that it is their “demo” version. Learning Chile Phone Number List planner can be a learning planner for a select period, for a select subject, etc. – address to all students not only those who are preparing for the exam.

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After all the essence of learning

The principle of operation here is exactly the same as in the case of a calendar. Creative mailing Contrary to appearances, in the case of the “u” industry, you have a really wide field to show off when it comes to mailing.  Is systematic work and cyclical expansion of knowlge – and a package of content coming regularly via e-mail can be a real help here! What can your mailing contain? references to important events during the school year, study planner or exam preparation calendar, cycles of expert articles on, for example, select issues in a LOB Directory given subject, advice on how to learn effectively methods ideas lifehacks.

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