Headlines and descriptions that will show up in many combinations. Call Only ad – display only on mobile devices, encouraging users to call your company directly. After clicking on such an ad, a phone call is made immiately. . Types of ad extensions The wisdom of adding as many ad extensions as possible to a campaign/ad group goes without saying.  From the “veterans”, the extension of explanations, links to subpages, locations or information on the website, we also have pearls typically orient towards acquiring leads: Call extension – the phone number is display in the text ad, and the user can directly call the company after clicking on it. Contact forms extension – one of the newest extensions available in the Google Ads panel.

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From the search results page, the user can fill out the form with the data that you define in the settings. More about this extension in our article.  Greatly expand the range of available bid strategy types, emphasizing the use of mainly Smart Bidding, which greatly facilitates the process of optimizing campaign costs. The rates are set “live” during the auction, bas Bolivia Phone Number List on the operation of learning systems, taking into account, among others, device type, location, time of day, language – hence each search is unique.  The lead in lead campaigns: Enhanc cost-per-click eCPC – Automatically adjusts manual bids to maximize conversions.

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Maximize Conversions – Automatically adjust your bids to get the most conversions for your campaign within your budget. This strategy automatically optimizes and adjusts bids at auction time using advanc machine learning. For a more detail description of Smart Bidding strategies, see our article .  Remarketing An irreplaceable method of targeting that can be. Us both on the Display Network GDN and on the Search Network RLSA campaigns. Remarketing LOB Directory allows users who have already seen our offer were on the website to be remind.

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