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Each tag is a separate sub-page, usually there is only one article online store, because one product tag is assign to a page. A large number of subpages with poor content can have a negative impact on the evaluation of the entire website’s online store and its ranking in the results. Heavy duty material. Duplication When we use multiple similar tags, we create duplication of subpages with similar content titles, as text snippets for the same article or product. With the word “cannibalism,” we may have the same problem of positional fluctuations again.

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There are some important rules to follow when creating tags. Remember, tags are just another way of grouping content. So when creating Germany Phone Number Data tag names, carefully analyze whether they overlap with your online store’s category names because of what they will actually bring to the site. Also avoid creating tags bas on synonyms or other variations of category names. Limit the number of tabs so that each tab is assign multiple subpages. Noodle. Therefore, you will avoid creating subpages with the wrong online store as duplicate content.

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Creates a description of a subpage using

The given tag. It doesn’t have to be a long text, the most important thing is that it is uniquely optimiz for your online store. There should be a broad overview of what users will find in a specific section of the website. Fewer Tags on Subpages Spain Whatsapp Number The temptation to assign a large number of tags to a given post is huge. But in this case, less is more. Match only certain tags in a given product or article. This will ruce the risk of duplication of content in your online store as the tags will be truly helpful to users. Are you interest in optimizing your website for graphics indexing errors? What do they mean? How do online stores solve these problems? Adding tags to your site won’t do this. How terrible to use tags on a website to turn its su.

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