Marketing automation . What is a scoring system? The contact’s scoring is the number of points assign to it for specific activities that are record in the system, e.g. opening an e-mail, downloading an e-book, visiting a page with a price list. For the B B sector work, and contacts who are our subscribers or register users in the e-shop, are not the same. Some of them are people who accidentally came across our website and are just getting acquaint with our offer and services offer, others visit us regularly, but do not make transactions, and others actively make purchases or use our offer services. Each lead is some kind of motivation behind the fact of being on our website.

Scoring points will be assign

How to adapt communication to effectively reach the customer and get to know his nes in the best possible way? A properly implement scoring system can be helpful.  To contacts bas on specific activities perform, such as reading the price list page, adding products to the basket, filling out the contact form or opening and clicking on the link from the newsletter. How Denmark Mobile Number Database to identify hot leads, i.e. those people who are most ready to make a purchase? When is the right time to reach a lead, and when should you ucate them by providing them with more information about our offer.

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It is to support sales processes

The scoring system is design to help answer the above questions. Give weight to leads depending on the stage in the funnel and help in closing the sale. By getting to know the client’s nes, we will be able to provide him with the content and materials he nes at a given stage to ultimately convert his activity into conversion. Lead scoring can also be an effective mechanism for an automatic lead nurturing cycle, serving as a reference point for LOB Directory launching key messages or campaigns. Content Marketing.

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