Multistore allows maximum differentiation

We add “rather” because it all depends on the strategy you adopt. At the same time, if we know that we will offer various payment methods, different shipping methods, currencies and languages ​​depending on the store – then the multistore will work. Which is a great advantage if that’s what you ne. In addition to the above-mention situations, the multistore will also be useful: – if the owner wants to separate wholesale and retail; – sells both from the website and the mobile application.

Other stores may or may not exist

Multistore and the user One of the advantages of multistors is that they are imperceptible to the user – the buyer does not know whether he is buying from the mother, daughter or satellite website – all this happens outside of him and that’s the point – there is no ne to bother the user unnecessarily – he receives messages only from the store where he shopp. In the mind of the buyer. Multistore advantages Assortment adapt to buyers Many domains Luxembourg Mobile Number List mean many targeting possibilities – thanks to many stores, we can adjust the assortment to buyers.

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Marketing tailor to people In multistores

At the same time, the user is less likely to get lost – fewer products mean. Fewer possible distractions for the buyer – he goes straight to the goal. To finalize the shopping cart without, for example, additional categories and other products that distract his attention. It’s easier to market to specific imaginary personas. In a way, it can also be done in standard stores – that’s why we have categories, right? But on the other hand. Having a multistore, we can change, for example, the layout depending on who we are sending the message to. After all, we know that, for LOB Directory example, Zetki have completely different shopping habits than the Millennial generation.

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