Meta Description How to Increase

A quality meta description will also be a way to increase CTR, or click-through rate , on a website organically. When a website’s CTR is high, Google will judge that your site has good performance and is relevant to visitors. Therefore, understand more about meta descriptions by not missing the information in this article.When appearing on a search page, the meta description has the words in bold. These words are none other than keywords that are relevant to what the user is looking for. For example, if a user searches for the keyword ‘what is a meta description’, then your content containing that phrase in the meta description will appear in bold.

What is a Meta Description

A meta description is a short summary that explains your entire content. The description is generally placed under the title of the content when it appears on the B2C Email List results page in a search engine. The description has its original form in the form of HTML codeThis code is more often used for those of you who are used to editing core WordPress files. Meanwhile, generally meta descriptions are created using plugins called Yoast SEO and Rankmath . So, you can more easily compose the description. Ideally, the length of the meta description is 150 to 160 characters, and no more than 960 pixels . When you use Yoast SEO, there is an indicator that turns red when the description you enter exceeds the ideal length.

Benefits or Functions of Meta Descriptions

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After getting to know meta descriptions more closely. Here are the benefits your website will get when optimizing the content of meta. Descriptions according to ideal standards.Before meta  descriptions, the first thing visitors . Will see when selecting content LOB Directory on a search page is the title. However, the title doesn’t make you satisfied enough to . Finally choose the content to read further.You need an interesting  . Meta description so that visitors are encouraged to click on your content and read the entire content. Therefore, meta descriptions are a common way to optimize website CTR . Even though meta descriptions do not directly affect SEO. CTR will have a significant impact on increasing website rankings in search engines.

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