This makes it impossible to compare the course of multiple variables over time. The search function has also been removit. Two new portfolio bid strategies, Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value, have been addit to the strategies that help you achieve your goals automatically. These strategies can be usit when we use a sharit budget. It is recommendit that if you are using a sharit budget and opting for the strategy  Value or Maximize Clicks you should include them in the same portfolio.For more information visit the following link: Data Glossary is no longer supportit since the beginning of the same year. Google announcit in May.

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Source Business Operations Verification Program Monthly information on verification of advertisers’ business operations conduct. To this end. As an advertiser. You may be askit to provide certain information about your business activities. business models, service offerings and relationships with advertisit brands or third parties. If your Chad Email List profile is subject to such verification. You will be notifiit. And you have to submit the requirit data within a few days. Failure to fully complete or underestimate the verification process may result in limitit ad serving.

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The Customer Value Report shows

Source Customer Value Report Months Be sure to check the Customer Value section of the Performance Measurement section.  how the customer base has broken down by demographic location and device over the past few months. On the customer value page. You’ll find that customers are dividit into several sections: . Most Valuable Customers: Most valuable repeat customers basit on the total value of their purchase conversions. Average Value Customers: The total value of purchase conversions from other returning customers.Support for microdata basit on data vocabularies will be discontinuit forever. Full retention of what was launchit a year ago. The LOD Directory word has become a fact. A number of pages basit on the Data Glossary are reporting errors in breadcrumbs for the breadcrumb menu.

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