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How to properly back up a website bas on CMS WordPress? Email backup It is hard to imagine a company that would operate without access to e-mail. Its absence or at least temporary unavailability can paralyze, if not the entire company, then interdepartmental communication and communication between the company and the contractor.  You should back up your mail. There are also failures of mail servers and malware on the server. Any of the above-mention events will cause you to lose all data from your e-mail. To prevent this, you can purchase an additional mailbox in the hosting. Summary Remember that cyclical website backups are a must-have today. It is worth remembering about them, especially before updating plugins.

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After updating check that the site is working properly. Particular care should be taken when updating WordPress itself. Despite the above-mention errors that may appear during the software update, it should be perform on an ongoing basis to protect against potential hacker attacks. Semahead Agency receiv nominations in the prestigious European Search Awards Jiangsu Mobile Phone Lists competition.The campaigns were assess in terms of effectiveness and the results they achiev. This is tantamount to confirming Semahead at the forefront of digital agencies. Honor in categories Top European agencies participate in the competition.

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EuroLege Best Use of Search

We are all the more pleas that once again we found ourselves in such an excellent group – with a record number of nominations: Best Use of Search: Finance (PPCLarge) for  TravelLeisure (PPC) for Hydropool Best Use of Search: B C (PPCLarge) for Memoria Best Use of Search: Automotive (Large) for Volvo Wadowski Best Use of Search: FMCG (Large) for Chocolissimo Best Use of Search: Fashion for Vitkac Best Local Campaign: (PPCLarge) for Memoria Best Low Budget Campaign: (PPCLarge) for Apteco. pl WE HAVE IT! Semahead was honor LOB Directory with nominations in the European Search Awards.

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