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Ad creation and lead ads form What ad should I create to get a contact?  Any other ad on Facebook. As a standard, it contains advertising text, headline, description and graphics, CTA, which must be select appropriately for the purpose of the advertisement. The only difference is that after clicking the button, the potential customer will see the form without leaving Facebook, instead of seeing the website. And this is one of the most important elements to be able to achieve success with the help of lead ads. New lead ads form We create the contact form at the ad level. To create a contact form, go to the Destination section , Instant Form and click the Create Form button.

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How to create lead ads forms? After clicking on the button, we will see a number of sections to be complet. It is worth going through them one by one, starting from the Content tab. What possibilities does lead ads offer when creating a form? Form name and type At the beginning, we start with the name of the form, it is important that it allows you to easily find Singapore Phone Number List it later. The name of the campaign, so that when we create a new campaign with a different form, it is easy to distinguish where the contacts come from. Another important aspect is the type of form.

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There we find two options Greater Volume and Stronger Intent.  To fill out and submit the form faster, thanks to which we can get more leads, but sometimes some incorrect data will fall in here, someone will click by accident or complete the form as a joke. This option is great if we care about the number of leads, but it will not always work qualitatively, here the LOB Directory questions that will appear later will play a large role.

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