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And I would like to see it updated. It may be the only way to know when your content is updated. Bloggers are expected to be social. Therefore, you too need to be on social media to achieve any success. 5. Not a team player Bloggers have no competition. He has friends. Be active in your niche and participate. Even if you think blog hopping is a waste of time, if there’s something your niche is participating in, jump in and move around. Many niches cooperate with each other. If you have my back, I’ll have yours. If you are always on the receiving end, you will never become popular among other bloggers in your niche.

That means no one will link to you and look to you

When they need something. 6. Be arrogant After a few mexico phone number search months of blogging and gaining some traffic and a loyal readership, you take it for granted. You stop posting on a regular schedule and become complacent about  your place in the blogging world. I think I know what happens next, the reader leaves. Even professional bloggers publish every day. If you stop giving them what they want, they will stop coming. 7. Sell your soul to advertising You decide to make money with your blog. This doesn’t mean your blog turns into one giant advertisement.

If all you do is consistently give positive feedback about

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Your product and spam your readers with links, they won’t come back.  If I don’t trust you, I won’t click on your affiliate link. 8. Don’t offer anything unique. If yours looks like other blogs, you’ll know it. Every blogger is unique. We all have something Dominican Republic Phone Number List special. If you’re not showing your own voice and ideas, you’re just a copycat. You must be passionate about your topic and be original in some way. 9. Trying to be liked by everyone I’m a people-pleaser.


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