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Where to put the brand name in the title?  it at the end. Thanks to this – in accordance with the previous guidelines – the keywords stay at the beginning and we are sure that they will not be cut off in the case of a too long title. . Emojis Emojis increase the attractiveness of the title tag, but since Google reserves the right to display them only where they will be useful and relevant. Therefore, you cannot be sure that the pictograms us will be display in the search results – replacing the keyword with an emoji is therefore risky.

Readability and CTA The title tag must

Which does not change the fact that if we have such an opportunity, and the theme of our website will be consistent with such an action, adding a colorful picture will positively affect the reception. The following example shows that Google is able to effectively match results when searching using emojis: example_emoji.  Be readable by the user. Therefore, separating individual elements with “-” or “:” signs often turns out to be a good move. Also remember to Germany Phone Number List write numbers in numbers instead of words – pixels is not that much Limit title length and call to action? This is not an easy thing, although not impossible.

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Adding an adjective or other descriptive phrase

CTA a call to action, is easier to be tempt when writing a meta description, but in the meta title we also have the opportunity to do so. Use capital letters to emphasize one of the phrases – not the entire title! Content timeliness – who in will care about fashionable spring jackets from  e.g. “cheap and trendy spring jackets” instead of “spring jackets” – provid you still have some space in the title. Meta title – summary When creating a title tag, we have to look at it from the perspective of Google robots and users. That is why it is so important to use keywords that will allow LOB Directory us to respond to the user’s intentions.

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