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Is a feature of a single page, not the entire website – it is not enough, for example, to check the home page, but more representative examples should be select that will give an idea of ​​​​how subpages are adapt to low resolutions. Google Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty This is an algorithm that has influenc how website publishers present ads on their websites.  Penalty appear in and adversely affect the rankings of sites presenting full-size ads that obscure content. This is one of the elements of changes adapting websites to mobile devices – the lack of a mouse cursor on the smartphone screen could make it difficult to close full-screen ads.

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Not all types of “pop-up” information expos sites to penalties – cookies and blocking for people under on adult sites were acceptable. RankBrain RankBrain is one of the most modern elements of the Google algorithm. It was launch in – it is the first algorithm to use artificial intelligence. RankBrain tries to understand the user’s intention even better and find the most accurate answer to his question.  Mechanisms as Koliber. What’s more, it recognizes not Croatia Phone Number List only single words and sentences, but it can understand the meaning of the query and return an accurate answer to a given phrase, even though it is not in the query itself.

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The update is bas on a neural

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, RankBrain is constantly improving, using machine learning. Bert Update The BERT Bidirectional. Encoder Representations from Transformers.update is, in the simplest terms, a supplement to the previously describ RankBrain mechanism. Network and is so large that Google had to put it entirely in the Cloud TPUs cloud. BERT improves the assumption of RankBrain, even better reading relationships and context between phrases in a query. The main improvement is a better understanding of word inflection LOB Directory and pronouns in a query, which often play key roles.

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