It is a -second non-skippable format. This is a very short time to post extensive information. However, despite this, it is us very often. It is best suit to arousing emotions against the background of a product or service, or as a purely range action. Importantly, these ads can only appear before videos. These ads are also a short form of communication, at least seconds long. They can be set before, during or after a YouTube video. Interestingly, these ads can also be display on Google’s partner platforms.

This is the reverse of the situation

It should be remember that it is these initial seconds that determine whether a potential customer will be interest in the advertisement or not. It is worth remembering that this type of ad is display with an additional banner. Even though some customers will skip our ad after seconds, they will see a companion banner on the right side of the screen with a link to our website. In-stream ads are unmistakable above. Ads of this type cannot be skipp. They are shown Anhui Mobile Phone Number Database before, during or after the video. They last a maximum of seconds. It is definitely a longer time, so the message on such a film can be much more extensive.

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Because the ad is plac in the search results

When an ad is skipp or finish, a companion banner is display. After the ad is finish, a place will be display in the upper right corner where the customer can click and will be rirect to our website. In-fe ads An alternative to advertisements display during the movie.  Oon YouTube, on the YouTube homepage as the first tile or on the “worth watching” page. This ad consists of a thumbnail image of our video, headline and ad text. After clicking, we LOB Directory will be transferr to the target.

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