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Image in the  Good idea to square your photos like × pixels to make sure they look good on different devices. The dimensions of product photos in your store specify the exact dimensions of the photos you add to your products in your store. The size of your photos will affect how they appear in your campaign. Online store owners should follow these recommendations with product photos other than apparel being at least pixels high. Clothing photos are smaller than pixels.

Photo size should not exce

One million pixels. according to. Block size should not be exce. How to ruce photo size without losing quality Photos must be Russia Phone Number Data compress before being add to the server to thin the graphics without losing the quality of the photo. For this we can use special tools like this. We have creat a special plugin for users that can effectively compress images without affecting quality. There are tools to ruce image size online. What are attributes.

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Attributes are one of the most important

Factors affecting image optimization. An image alternative description is a short text that describes the content of the image in a Japan Whatsapp Number few sentences. Alt text only appears on the page. Visible in the code above. When a photo cannot be display on the website for any reason, we will communicate this information to the user. What is the purpose of using image text? Bas on the words contain in the file name online stores as attributes search engine robots can determine what the graphic displays.

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