If I go through this process and change

You should try to maintain all the SEO benefits, but I would like you to compromise on SEO and prioritize readability. Final SEO copywriting advice SEO copywriting is all about creating keyword-optimized copy that is. Naking its way into Google’s main search results. The new integration begins via the rel=author tag , which Google has adopted since this summer . Mike Blumenthal updated us on this latest change. Here’s my case – as I’ll explain later, the results Mike Blumenthal is seeing are slightly different than the results I’m seeing.

Rel-author-1 Google search results using rel=author

Show an avatar with a link to a new Google results page starting with the author’s Google+ profile, followed by a signature next to it. (If I remember germany phone numbers correctly, the avatar and signature field used to link directly to the  Google+ profile page). The Google+ information below is. “More results” and consists entirely of listings for the author in question. rel-author-2 If you’re searching directly for the author’s name, it’s even more integrated with  If I go through this process and change the search term to “seo,” only the results. I created will be listed, and the Google+ profile box will still remain at the top of the search results.

In fact, in Mike Blumenthal’s example posted

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On his blog, my name appears as a filter in the search box. There is also an “X” option that removes this filter. rel-author-4 The same “X” filter is not displayed in other browsers I have tried. Sustainability  may vary from person to  is slowly and quietly starting to integrate. Google+ into its main search results. We just reported the other day that some people are China WhatsApp Number List seeing the integration between. Google+ and Google Places , and that some queries are showing Google+ content as sitelinks . It seems safe to say that this trend will continue in the future. This article is a translation of ” Google+ Is Slowly Invading Google’s Main Search Results ” published on Search Engine Land .

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