I was simply tired of it and I began

.Vladislav’s profile on kwork start on kwork: change of direction and first orders how did you come to kwork? As I already said, I worked only within telegram, and such. cooperation was based only on the honesty of the customer and the performer.  I found kwork completely by accident. I needed to quickly make a landing page, I entered a query into a search engine. and the first result I saw was an artist’s work on kwork. That’s how I found out about the service – when I was looking for a service myself. You registered an account in 2022, but only started working fully in march of this year.

Why did this happen? Yes,

I registered, but I created services on a completely different topic. I wanted to do because I watched a video where this method . of earning. money was mexico telephone numbers praised as very simple and accessible. I figured it out more or less . and created the first quack.and after 3 hours I received an order. The buyer needed to promote his website using links on forums. I took this order to work, but quickly realized that. I could not complete it efficiently.  all my links were instantly banned.

And I happily forgot about Kwork

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For several months. What made you come back? In january of this year, my son was born. and my wife needed my help: she asked me to find .a job so that I could stay at home and help her. At that time, I again had the idea of ​​​​creating .a network of China WhatsApp Number List telegram channels, and I needed texts for .advertising creatives. I have always written everything myself. but this time I decided to see what other artists were offering. I wanted to evaluate the work that I can do myself, from the outside. I bought a large . business package from a contractor, and after completing the order.

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