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The site also offers personalized recipes based on your strong desires and dislikes. This is the most successful iteration that has recently garnered attention from blogs like SwissMiss and Gizmodo . 7. Decorated Playlists This playful playlist site was designed and created by London-based web designer and former DJ Simon The final piece of Foster , exploring the deep connections between music and design. “I had previously dabbled in design and mixtape/playlist combinations on the Bones Brigade DJ blog, here for Serge Gainsbourg, but I wanted to take it a step further. to the designers.mx project. You can think of each playlist as an art-oriented blog post, but instead of text.

Says Foster This site uses modern

And CSS3 and will not function well in older ‘outdated’ browsers. 8.EDITD London-based EDITD is a cloud-based social and commercial and fact-finding tool that provides businesses  with the ability to instantly understand real-time and long-term trends and market dynamics. In June, EDITD successfully raised $1.6 billion in funding to address data growth sample japanese phone number while continuing its global expansion. The B2B company mines blog posts, tweets and social media, including Facebook, to compile the latest and most popular fashion items to help brands make better pricing decisions and manage inventory. . In other words, it’s anti-Gilt. There’s something elegant and fresh about EDITD that makes this startup the most attractive looking B2B startup I’ve ever seen.

Gilt Speaking of Gilt, all of the sites under


The Gilt umbrella, including Gilt Groupe , Jetsetter , Gilt City , and Gilt Manual , are pretty impressive. The newest member of the family, Gilt Taste (pictured above), makes me as hungry as watching Gojee. 10. We Are NY Tech I’m a bit obsessed with We Australia WhatsApp Number List Are NY Tech ‘s “Randomize” feature (top left toolbar of the site). It ‘s like an internal Stumble Upon . In other words,That’s a great idea. Mattew Shampine, co-founder of We Are NY Tech, is also co-founder of Onepager , a company that’s about to launch in NYC and allows small businesses to create great-looking, simple websites. He thinks: “A great website is not just about functionality.

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