I created my first parsing work

Do you remember how you were looking for your first buyers? Yes, as I remember now, I registered for Kwork on Spring and Labor Day, May 1st. Very iconic. First, I looked at what other performers’ quorks looked like and figured out what it was all about. , but I still looked for buyers on the Exchange, sending responses to relevant projects. A week later I took my first order at a minimal cost, but it was great for my portfolio. Over the next week I took 3-4 more orders, and that’s how it went. Now I don’t go to the Exchange anymore, because I only have enough time to process requests for quacks: I have to answer 20-30 requests a day. And in 5 years you have not received a single negative review! What’s your secret? It’s just that everything is resolved at the stage of discussing the order.

If I initially see that problems may arise

with the buyer, I immediately explain everything to him in swedish phone number detail and work out the terms of reference very carefully so that there are no questions or misunderstandings later. I approach each client individually and do not spread myself across several projects: if I already have 1 order in my work, I do not take on another until I complete the first one. So the whole secret is communication, understanding and a professional attitude towards what you do. What about repeat orders? Do you use any tricks to make the buyer a regular customer? No, I just do my job efficiently. Sometimes I do more than necessary, for example, if the project interests me very much. It happens that I perform tasks for regular customers for free, if they are small and interesting in terms of developing professional skills.

And I have never missed an order

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deadline. I always take into account the time taking into account force majeure and set a little more. For example, for a task that I can complete in 1 day, I set a deadline of 2 days. Anyway, in the end, the buyer gets the result in a few hours. But everyone is happy and knows that I am a reliable performer, and if I said that I will do it in such and such a time frame, then it will be Croatia Phone Number List so. Reviews of Pavel’s work on Kwork Pavel, how would you recommend your potential buyers draw up technical specifications so that they get exactly what they need? The most important thing for the customer is to simply understand what he wants. As a rule, I draw up the final technical specifications for buyers myself, because the client may not know the intricacies of how and what needs to be done, in what form.


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