I create advertising creatives for

Give more than is expected of you. Offer some additional service or bonus to the order. You can spend 2 hours, create a guide, checklist or instructions for your niche and give them to customers after completing the work. Kworky Vladislav Did you know these rules from the beginning or did you come to them through your own experience? Rather, I learned from my mistakes. For example, at the very beginning of my work, a buyer wrote to me and asked if I could make a creative. I replied that I could. And that’s it, then silence. After 2 days he writes again and asks when the order will be ready. But he didn’t place the order, and I didn’t prompt him to do so. But I immediately took into account my mistake, replied that I would do everything, we placed the order, and literally a couple of hours later the satisfied buyer accepted the work.

That is, I met halfway, helped,

did urgent work and received excellent feedback. Another example. I create advertising creatives for Telegram. But many buyers don’t know that the creative for this messenger is different from the creatives in other social networks, and they expect professional design work from me. While I write texts and just select a suitable picture. And when they wrote to me for the first time that they didn’t like my picture, I realized that it was my mistake – I didn’t indicate in the Quwork description what the peculiarity of creatives for Telegram was, and, naturally, the buyer had questions. I immediately edited the description of my service and explained that I am not a designer, but a copywriter, and I write selling texts. Do you only work as a freelancer today? Yes, I simply would not physically be able to work anywhere else, because there are so many orders coming in.

There is never a lull at all. I have

two children and a wife in my family, and Kwork covers all our needs. That is, by working for Kwork, I can fully support my family. About Telegram channels and their promotion Vladislav, can you tell the owners of Telegram channels what to consider when promoting? You need to be very careful when selecting channels for advertising, because belgium number for whatsapp almost every second Telegram channel is scammed by bots. It is important to carefully check the audience, statistics, analyze everything, otherwise you will simply waste your budget. There are special analytics services for this, for example, Telemetr or Tgstat. Find the channel you are interested in and look at the subscriber growth graph. If on some day the audience grew sharply, but the channel was not advertised anywhere, this should alert you. I advise you to immediately write to the admin and ask where he received the traffic on a specific day.

Pay attention to content coverage.

The greatest reach will always be in the first hour, because subscribers receive a notification and immediately come to see the new post. Then views gradually begin to fall. If the coverage graph jumps: for example, in the first hour there were 200 views, then +300, then +100 and again +300, this is 100% cheating. Always check where your chosen China WhatsApp Number List Telegram channel is advertised. Let’s say you are running a business and want to advertise in a similar business channel. If he buys advertising in humorous channels with anecdotes, jokes or horoscopes, then he has the cheapest audience. By advertising in such channels, you will never reach your target audience. Always look at the history of Telegram channel names. There are many unscrupulous admins who buy channels in the cheapest niches and then rename them to the most expensive ones.


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