Now it’s not the number of occurrences of a given key phrase that counts, but the quality. Do LSIs Affect Page Rank? It depends whether we accept that LSIs exist or not. However, with LSI it’s like Santa Claus – he’s not there, but aren’t we nice when we give each other gifts and pretend that they were given to us by a homie from Lapland with a long beard? So if there are two SEOs, there are three theories, so. It’s better to use than not to use – an article focus only on keywords will be boring. Precision is important, but writing is also art, and art requires less literalness, conveying thoughts in a more creative way, unless we are writing manuals, technical documentation.

John Miller says there is no LSI

If thanks to the belief in the existence of LSI, we will create more interesting content that will not be over-optimiz for the main key phrases, then great, that’s the point. LSI: do they exist or do they not exist? Everything would be twice as simple if you could give an unambiguous answer.  , so in Google publish a research paper on relat phrases and how it is measur. A lot of advanc calculations -> to read for the willing . keyword cloud Many people consider it Thailand Mobile Number List an outdat technology that stopp counting when Google mov to another level when it comes to algorithms.

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This is not an argument that makes sense

The World Wide Web is not only large, but also dynamic. This means that everything is changing very quickly and requires a lot of computing power.  To me, because even in the face of Google’s indexing problems, Google has staggering computational power – in the flood of billions of subpages updat every day, what are small and inconspicuous LSIs? Wouldn’t Google really understand them? Thus: Google probably does not use LSI technology, latent semantic LOB Directory indexing, but another technology that has a similar goal, but a different way of achieving it.

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