My suggestion is that: Customer Success decalogue I. CS is proactive The Customer Success Manager will not wait for the client to come to him with an idea to change the graphics in PPC campaigns, but will come out ahead because he knows the client’s nes as well as the client himself. He knows what is going on in services and strives to achieve the best mutual benefit. CS builds lasting relationships Yes, but I wouldn’t say only in the long term. CS can be very flexible – it can work both in the long and short term.  are so deep and lasting that clients who ne quick support, but in the short term, are equally willing to contact us.

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CS recognizes, respects and develops the individual character of each client CS knows the client’s business inside out – all its strengths and weaknesses. It helps to develop and bring strengths to light, and at the same time supports the client in overcoming the weaknesses that his business has. IV. CS always works in partnership He absolutely and always acts pro-client, and at the same time is able to reconcile the interests of the client and the agencycompany in which he is employ, thanks to which both grow. He’s great at miation. CS is assertive and Sweden Mobile Number List competent  in the client’s interest means disagreeing with their ideas. Customer failure is Customer Success Manager failure. Customer success is a shar success.

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CS is able to manage the project perfectly Exemplary supervision of the assum time. Budget, reporting, etc. – these are issues that must work like clockwork. CS works on dicat tools and cannot imagine life without them. Asana, CRM, Google Analytics and close cooperation with specialist teams in the agency that are responsible for direct work on PPC campaigns, analytical projects, marketing automation, SEO or IT – the Customer Success Must fit perfectly in the project. VII. CS never stops listening LOB Directory Active listening is the key to the success of any Customer Success endeavor.

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