How We Grew Our Blog From 20k to 200k

Just over a year ago, the When I Work blog was pretty much unknown. We had loyal subscribers who knew about our employee scheduling software and contacted us regularly, but in terms of overall brand awareness, we were sorely lacking.

That all changed when we made a concerted effort to engage in content marketing. By implementing the following 10 steps, we were able to  grow our site from 20,000 page views per month to over 200,000 page views per month in just one year.

Although we are a startup, many of these lessons can also be to big brands, anyone who wants to build an audience.

Step 1 – Hire an in-house content marketer

At first, we recognized that building a remote team of independent specialists exposed us to the risk of a disjointed effort that no one really owned.

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So we hired an in-house content marketer who could american number for whatsapp put 100% of their efforts into promoting the When I Work brand. In looking for this person, we looked for someone who had the following skills and experience:

Step 2 – Develop clear objectives, KPIs and work strategy

To see ROI from your content marketing efforts, you need to be intentional and purposeful. You have to be strategic. You can’t just publish a blog post three times a week, share it once on your social media, and expect it to drive more awareness, new customers, or increased profits.

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Add more players to the content marketing team

To effectively implement a content marketing strategy and double down on what works, we’ve added more players to our team so we can scale up our efforts.

In the first few months, we experimented with Czech Republic Phone Number List hiring freelancers and contractors to help us with things like graphics, design, and social media management. However, we found this process to be expensive and often prevented us from going as fast as we wanted – so we took just over six months and hired seven full-time staff:

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