How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing

It’s time to break the subject habit, the temptation to think  projects – like blog posts.

As an alternative, explore the benefits of serialization – developing and sharing content in a short series of blog posts organized around a common theme. The short series approach offers many advantages:

More traffic – each post builds anticipation for the next in the series. Plus, each post drives traffic to previous posts, as those new to the series will want to catch up.
Increased productivity – the serial approach reduces uncertainty and helps you get the most out of your writing time. (it’s generally that the hardest part of most projects is getting .) a serial approach takes the stress out of trying to simultaneously pick a topic and write about it at the last minute.
Enhanced creativity – choosing topics ahead of time triggers your brain. Once you’ve identified the topic you’re going to write about, your brain will be busy processing ideas and making connections, even while you’re driving or sleeping. As a result, when you sit  down to write, your brain often has new ideas waiting for you in the wings.
Progressive disclosure – you can dig deeper into topics without risking content overload that can result\


when you share too much information in a single article.


Higher conversions and profits – series are saudi arabia telegram flexible and easy to adapt to your goals, whether their goal is brand building, list building, lead generation, or creating continuity products that generate recurring revenue .
Saving high-potential ideas
Another major benefit of the serial approach is that it solves the problem of “high potential ideas” that might otherwise never see the light of day.


How many times have you had an idea that was too big and too important for a single blog post, but you weren’t ready to write a book?

The frustration I felt with the “unwritten books” was the catalyst for this short series approach.

For a long time (longer than I care to share), I had several promising ideas that I was eager to develop further and turn them into content or revenue. But nothing was happening. The months passed without progress because:

I didn’t have an action framework to help me develop and share my ideas at a steady and sustained pace.
I lacked a vision or plan for creating a high-value, high-visibility project — or goal — more than the sum of the original content.

If you don’t have time to write a book, consider a short series

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as the best way to leverage your insights and expertise to generate leads, traffic, and profits.


But wait… There’s more

The short series approach offers one final Cambodia Phone Number List compelling benefit: it allows for an easy transition from. The “no marketing plan or documented editorial calendar” situation that continues to undermine. The success of many b2b, b2c, small business, and online content marketers. Non-profit.

Trying out the short series approach outlined and discovering its benefits can open. The door to your business adopting more effective, long-term content marketing strategies for 2016.

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