How to Translate Audience Data to Improve Your

Let’s face it: you’re a right-brained or left-brained content marketer. If you’re a right-brained marketer, then the term “audience data” probably makes you uncomfortable. But if you’re a left-brained content marketer, you’re eating things like audience data for breakfast. Mmmm… data.

Here’s why: right-brained marketers typically rely on intuition to solve problems and process information, while left-brained marketers process information in a data-driven way.

It is important to know the direction of your brain russia phone number because, for better or for worse, your brain decides without you. If you become more  aware of how your brain naturally wants to work, you more easily connect audience data to content marketing strategy. (If you’re unsure of your brain, here’s a helpful infographic from Market

Step 1 (left brain): Set up Google Analytics to grow your blog

Like I said, you’re a smart marketer, so I feel silly telling you this. But if you don’t have Google Analytics, get there pronto.

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Because, listen to this: once you start Google Analytics, you can’t stop. It can become a minor obsession to get corny with new behaviors from your readers. By studying these patterns, you can learn more about audience behavior, how to acquire new readers, and what motivates your current readers. (Full disclosure: you can go down a few rabbit holes, for example, “Why are 611 people from Malaysia currently reading my website?”)

Here are some other ways to measure success with Google Analytics : time spent on your page, referral traffic, and conversions. Referral traffic can inform your content marketing strategy by showing you where you’re earning on social media

Soak in the knowledge of your “acquisitions,” absorb the information, then slowly drift away so you can perform step 2 simultaneously.

Stage 2 (right brain): Listen on social media

Successful content marketing requires intent and Cyprus Phone Number List purpose behind everything you post. The best ways to perfect these things? Listening and feeling the vibes of your favorite people on social media – it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Here are some ideas for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram:

Facebook: People all over the world meet in Facebook groups to discuss different aspects of running a business. If you listen to what these business owners are saying, you can gain qualitative insights into their needs – you can use this insight to build a solid (yet intuitive) data-driven strategy.

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