How to promote a travel site or Analyze this, segment it

What do movie buffs and SEOs have in common? Both of them know well what a classic of the genre is. Ask a movie buff to name a classic 2000s crime comedy and they’re sure to name Analyze This (the sequel to Analyze This), starring Robert De Niro. Ask an experienced SEO specialist if there are promotional features of a travel site, he will easily name them all, because promotion of thematic sites is a classic of the SEO genre. By the end of 2015, online tour sales in Western Europe amounted to $152 billion. The figures for the world reach more than $533 billion, and by 2019 may exceed $762 billion. The size and opportunities of the market are staggering. As is the competition. Therefore, your share in these billions depends only on how much you are in front of the client. Turn_1 Robert De Niro is definitely happy with this turn.


 Types of travel sites – what you

need to know? The type of site depends on what services the travel company offers. A large multi-page site is suitable for a large agency with tours around the world, a built-in online service for booking tickets and hotels. Those who know your brand and want to get good service will come here, no matter what direction they choose. Multi- landings , or separate example of cell phone number in philippines sites for different countries / types of recreation, designed in the same style, are good for promoting the services of small agencies that sell tours in 3-5 directions. For example, a site in Austria with landing pages on different types of recreation: winter holidays in ski resorts, spa resorts with thermal springs, budget tours to different cities. Niche sites are much easier to promote than giant sites due to low competition. Single page landing is a fairly budget-friendly sales channel for small agencies.


 But you should understand that


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it is almost impossible to bring a one-page to the TOP for a high-frequency query like “tour to Turkey”. Turn_2 How is that? Why? Search engines give preference to sites that respond to user requests as fully as possible. If a person is looking for a Cameroon Phone Number List tour to France, enters the site, looks through it, and then returns to the search again and writes “tour to Italy”, then the search engine thinks that your site does not deserve a place on the search Olympus. However, if you narrow down the target query (for example, to “bike tours in France”), then the one-pager can be brought to the TOP. Mandatory elements of different types of sites Turn_3 CA segmentation If you do not decide on the target audience before the start of promotion, you can simply drain the budget into a pipe, since the site will not be visited by the customers for whom it was designed. Turn_4Robert is extremely sad, don’t be like this. So, two sides of the same target audience are online and offline tourists.

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