How to Generate Traffic by Re-publishing Your Articles?

Many companies repeat the same thing: content is the key to attracting people to your site. Maybe you tried it yourself and you probably came to this conclusion creating quality content takes time. But how about attracting traffic without having to think and write an article. What is this technique promotion of articles via sharing. You’ve worked hard on creating a quality article so why not share it on platforms with more users than your website. Think it’s too much work or don’t know how. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through this sharing process. Optimize your content to attract more traffic or to convert. Make sharing your content work for you. Find the right content to share promote this content.

Why should content promotion be part of your digital strategy?

Promoting your content is, without a doubt, a way to drive traffic to your website. But why is it so effective if you’re focused on trying to create. The south african phone number best content on a specific topic and you should  this process can take a very long time. Think back to the last article you wrote. How long did it take you 1 hour 2 hours More. Even if you are a writing genius and publish articles in a short time, this is the time you use to reach only a few hundred or even thousands of people if you are lucky. Even if it means working so hard to create quality content, why not make.

The Myth of Google’s Penalty for Sharing Content

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The Myth of Google’s Penalty for Sharing Content. This is where re-posting comes into play. When you promote the content you’ve worked so hard on, you make it available to more people. You create a relationship  with the managers of other sites if you Bolivia Phone Number List post as a guest. You create incoming links or backlinks from sites with high authority. These links improve your natural referencing SEO. I can understand the logic behind this thought. These people think that re-publishing an article on another site creates duplicate content. And as we have already seen, duplicate content can, indeed, penalize you. But unless you’re spamming Google’s bots by reposting and appropriating other people’s content, you should be fine.



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