How to Ensure Internal Buy-in for Your Big Content Projects

The answer is obvious: no smart leader would ever choose the “noise” option. And yet, buy-in to content marketing investments is difficult. Internal issues of ego and politics, questions about return on investment, and limited resources and budget create serious roadblocks.

When you, as marketers, offer your internal colleagues membership in high-impact. A content marketing projects, your pitches need to be genuine and approachable.

Know the main reasons

To get that internal buy-in, you first need to understand what are the “most valuable assets” that make up the ROI of quality content marketing:

  • Content Endurance:Make your colleagues  realize that in the vast amount of real-time news and shortened lifespans in the digital world, high-quality content marketing endures because it delivers long-term value.

Spending money on what provides value over time is a good investment. High-quality content helps drive organic search results, increasing inbound leads and brand presence. Do you want proof? A Kapost and Eloqua survey found that content marketing ROI was more than three times greater than paid search.


  • Trust and engagement:64% of consumers denmark phone numbers need to hear a company’s message three to five times before. They believe it (Edelman) and 82% of prospects feel more positive about a company after reading. A personalized content (Request). High-quality content marketing initiatives create entry points for your brand to build trust with prospects and can trigger repeat touchpoints with your brand.

Navigate among stakeholders


Managing a large-scale content marketing initiative from start to finish requires the project manager to be in the driving seat. To succeed:


  • Have your agency or internal team meet with key stakeholders to get their feedback and outline the approval process so those stakeholders don’t waste time with last-minute edits and changes (or worse, post production).
  • Work backwards. Brief other department heads such as those in business development, public relations, and sales on how they can use the project to achieve their department’s goals. They will become the first allies.
  • Make sure the CEO who joins the initiative understands the value of editorial independence and how it affects your brand trust with prospects and customers.

Be for the challenges by a leadership team when evaluating content marketing initiatives, including:


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  • Ego– Too often a CEO thinks content is “not about us enough”. Share the research that reveals that 71% of prospects reject overly promotional or commercial content. Ask executives how they feel reading another company’s post where the C-suite is in every article.

Prospects only trust, and therefore engage Cambodia Phone Number List with, credible content. As authentic as your business leaders are, it can be more credible to offer independent experts – showing that your brand is pooling useful knowledge before closing the sale.


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