How to Avoid Duplicate Content: A Quick Checklist

Duplicate content on the site can appear even without the knowledge of the owner. Stephanie LeVonne — Elite SEM SEO analyst, performance marketing specialist.Let’s assume that within the same domain there are pages containing repeated content. In this case, the search robot will try to figure out which page is the . original source of information and usa phone numbers list which is a duplicate. It is far from always possible to determine the source of information with 100 percent certainty. As a result, the search results will not display the original page of the resource, but a duplicate of it that accidentally appeared.


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Unfortunately, repetitive page content is one of the most common seo problems today.  administrators. The situation is further complicated by the fact that neither the webmaster panel in google search console, nor a number of other third-party tools are able to provide the webmaster with information about the presence of duplicates on the site with high reliability. Most often, you have to search for such pages manually. Duplicate-content below are 8 reasons that can cause duplicates on the site. 1. Moving from http to https often the problem occurs due to the illiterate translation of the site from http to https.


 The fastest way to find duplicates


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Is to enter the url of the page with http and with https into the address bar. Even before google began actively Cameroon Phone Number List pushing webmasters to transfer their resources to https, they only included an encryption protocol for certain pages. For example, for the site login page or the page for transactions. Every time in the process of crawling the site, the search robot will index such a page as a new one. This means that over time, duplicates will appear in the search engine index.

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