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Proposition But what is actually hind it A USP descris the unique nefit of your product or service. You can think of your USP as a promise or an insurance policy to your customers – your very personal and unique value proposition. The unique selling proposition therefore includes the special add value that customers can definitely expect from your offer.  this at the center of brand positioning. Your unique selling proposition is therefore the property that makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition. A strong unique selling proposition is of enormous importance for successful marketing as well.

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As a central part of sales psychology. What is your very personal USP  You have to ask yourself this question and answer it from the point of view of Senegal Phone Number List your customers – especially if your niche is very broad. Why should customers buy  – what do you have that others don’t If you are launching a completely new and innovative product you can probably answer this question more easily. Nonetheless even then you must have a strong USPdevelop to convince your customers that you ne your product or service at all and that it is relevant to them. In most cases however modifi and re-adapt products are more likely to  launch.

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From you and not from the competition

This can only  successful if you can present a convincing performance promise and communicate this correctly. Digital Brand Manager  certificate course LOB Directory Learn how to develop and communicate your USP for your digital brand in our online Digital Brand Manager  certificate course . Find out now and come a Digital Brand Manager Digital Brand Manager USP – How to develop the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Unique selling proposition  USP  fore you formulate your unique selling proposition you must first do some preparatory work – outline the status quo of your situation and analyze your environment and competition. The following steps should not  ignor when developing your unique selling proposition Target group.

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