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T which the blogger becomes the official representative of the brand. Activity. A brand invites a blogger to its event to create content—stories, posts, or live broadcasts—to inform its audience about the event. The selection of a specific format depends on the goals, objectives and budget of your advertising campaign. Payment options and cost Influencers work with different payment options for integrations. Here are the most common of them: Fixed post cost. The blogger publishes the specified post or story and receives a predetermined amount for it. Barter.

A blogger receives a product

or service in exchange for advertising. Partnership australia email database programs. The blogger receives a reward for each registration made through a link from his profile. Less common payment models include: Payment for the transaction. Here the cost is determined based on the post conversion. The advertiser pays the influencer only for those clients who have completely gone from getting to know the product to making a purchase.

Pay for views. The price

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depends on the number of views of the post. How to choose a site Each social network has its own unique audience and content format, and this should be taken into account when choosing a platform for advertising with bloggers. Instagram (hereinafter: a project of the Meta company, whose activities are prohibited in Russia – editor’s note) This is Benin Phone Number List one of the most popular platforms for cooperation with bloggers, especially in niches related to beauty, fashion, fitness and travel. Even though the platform’s reach has dropped significantly in 2022, it still remains one of the most effective for hosting native integrations for bloggers. In other words, The most popular advertising format here is stories. YouTube. This platform is more expensive, but it is ideal for promoting complex products or tech devices as bloggers can create in-depth product reviews and demos. Telegram.

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