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All those directly or indirectly related to natural referencing (SEO) know that Google regularly changes its algorithms. We explain the reasons as well as the first part of the big update planned for. Google has many algorithms that change regularly. For what reasons? Quite simply to make your browsing as pleasant as possible, but also to control the practices whatsapp number for usa of SEOs who do not use honest methods as we do at Market-In. Google believes that when a user does a search, he must quickly find answers and these must be as precise as possible and the most pleasant to read. As a reminder, SSL or HTTPS is a small green padlock that is displayed when the connection with the site.

Google’s official statement

Site administrators can find SSL certificates for free on the Internet . Indeed, the Linux foundation distributes free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt. Google therefore believes that there is  no longer any reason for a site not to be in HTTPS , it is for this reason that Google Chrome (which has more than 50% of the browser market share!) will begin to warn its users when the sites will not be in HTTPS. In addition, these sites will be penalized by Google’s algorithms and therefore less easily found. Needless to say that this option is essential when transferring sensitive data such as on banking sites for example. Here is part of the statement made by Google.

A deadline for the https

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Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure. And continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by Bulgaria Phone Number List default. From a visitor experience perspective, this won’t  change much except that you can feel safe on the site you’re visiting and not worry about data loss. For those who were still hesitating or didn’t have time to do it this is a very long process if your site has a lot of content you now have a deadline if you don’t want to see your number of visits drop drastically. Do not hesitate to follow our Facebook page to discover the rest of this article on the big changes planned.

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