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We can distinguish basic types: informative Process Conversational INFORMATIONAL -sided notifications according to the subscription or purchased service, e.g.: deliveryparcel notification, daily press, weather, information about the product or service, information about promotions, etc. Subscribing to newsletters via a chatbot (e.g. Messenger) is an increasingly common phenomenon, thanks to which messages have a chance to achieve up to ten times better results (IAB, ). PROCESS They have predetermined scenarios and paths that the user can follow. The downside of this solution is the need to choose a closed pool of answers.

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Without the possibility of conducting a conversation according to your own script. Examples are most often: Shopping in an online store (e.g. clothing, footwear, drugstores) Buying concert tickets Reporting a failure, e.g. of the Internet network Service order Ordering food Contact the travel agency to choose the right offer  freely with such a bot is the frequent lack of an NLP ( natural language processing ) engine, which is responsible for generating a language that is easy for a human to read and understand by the computer. CONVERSATIVE Bots that use the aforementioned Spain Mobile Number List NLP engine, allowing for a kind of natural conversation with the user. These bots, thanks to the processing of written language, are able to recognize the intentions of the user and guide the conversation accordingly.

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How can you improve the sales process

Thanks to such solutions, we can use the full potential of chatbots and, above all, really speed up customer service on many levels. It is worth adding here that in the case of such technology, a chatbot can perform various functions – also information and process. Here we have full freedom in the place and time of displaying the window on the website or starting communication as part of, for example, Facebook Messenger.  By implementing a chatbot? Imagine that from today you don’t waste time sifting leads every day, because they are already grouped according LOB Directory to the preferred service, budget or general willingness to buy.

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