For about the same price as I was

If you were to try a more specific phrase like “Philadelphia Real Estate,” your monthly searches would plummet to 3,600. Experiment with the tools until you get more comfortable with them, and gradually expand your keywords. It is also effective to visit your competitors’ websites and expand your keywords. Your competitors are likely to publish the keywords you’ve targeted on each page in their HTML code, so you should definitely check that out. Right-click the page and choose View Source from the context menu, and your browser will load the page’s HTML code. Once the HTML is displayed, press ctrl+F on your keyboard to enable text search. Then: Search for “meta name=”keywords””. If your competitors are using keyword meta tags, search tools should be able to find them.

Once you open the HTML, take a look at

Your competitors’ title tags (“meta name=”title”). Be careful not to use the same tags . Rank in the top 3 for the keyword you are analyzing. If you’re researching sites like this, you’ll  probably notice that they use the same (or very similar) title tags. Once you have a list of keywords, use Market Samurai, a $99 tool. Using this tool, you can identify the amount of israel phone numbers competition for each keyword phrase and choose keywords with high traffic but low competition. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes as much as possible and think about how you approach searching for products.  is a service offered by most SEO companies (in my case, they charged about $100 a month) that will tell you how your competitors are ranking for the keywords you’re targeting.

Paid and free tools exist that provide similar reporting services

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They are SEOMoz and SEO Quake. For about the same price as I was paying for competitor analysis, SEOMoz (about $90/month) allows you France WhatsApp Number List to input a list of 3 competitors  and the keywords you want to research (they offer a host of other tools). (I will discuss this point a little later). When doing comparisons, SEOMoz will show you how your site ranks for each keyword against your competitors. Another approach is to research comparisons for free using tools such as SEO Quake. SEO Quake is a Firefox plugin that allows you to instantly view a set of stats. This plugin can tell you a website’s Google page rank, the number of pages indexed by major search engines, the number of backlinks, and even the age of the website. I also recommend applying Compete.

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