Find the Answer to Client Pains

Your “Three Amigos” answering these questions are looking for the Holy Grail and the key to the success of your business.

A proper resident is…

The answer to your client’s problems

Remember that people are looking for only two things on the Internet – entertainment and solutions to their problems. If you know the customer’s problem and can solve it, you’re on the right track.

Now look at your business idea that you wrote down at the top of the paper and write below what problem you want to solve with your services or product.


From that point on, we start challengprocess Phone Number List wille program – that is, we will try to kill or develop your idea.

It may sound a bit drastic, but it’s better to discard ideas that are sitting in the back of your head and tormenting you with “what if” questions.

Business Idea: Challenge Program

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Whether you have an online business idea or a home business idea, there are some universal questions you should answer.

Here are the questions you need to answer when analyzing your business idea.

This question looks innocent, but it causes the most problems. Write down one sentence on your piece of paper that will explain to the potential client what you actually do, whose problem and what problem you are solving?

Below are sample sentences for my business. There is an error in one of them. If you fail to catch it, I will come back to it later in the text.

“I help small and medium-sized companies increase sales and develop business thanks to marketing solutions.”

“I show marketing managers how to increase LOB Directory  the effectiveness of their activities and improve the return on marketing investment”

“I help sellers effectively reach new customers and increase sales through the use of internet marketing tools.”

“I support directors and management boards of companies in the process of digital transformation of the company, thanks to which their business can develop even more dynamically.”

If your business idea is, for example, interior design, then the sentence may look something like this: “I help young couples optimally arrange small apartments without exposing them to high costs.”

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