Web pushes can be display both on desktop and mobile. This increases the possibilities of use and allows for omnichannel operation. Importantly, the very process of creating a notification is extremely fast and uncomplicat. And as you know: time is money! What content can you send via web push? There are many possibilities. They mainly depend on the industry in which you operate. To put it simply, we can divide messages into promotional and informational. However, this definitely does not reflect the potential of using this functionality.  Of campaigns from various industries, implement using web push and rich push notifications. However, it should be remember that this is still only a part of the possibilities.

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The only limitation is our imagination. News, promotions and sales As you can easily guess, web push and rich push notifications have revolutioniz the e-commerce industry, providing an effective channel for promoting products. Thanks to the possibility of delivering messages in real-time, they are often more effective than traditional mailing. This solution is perfect especially for short-term offers.  Of Pakuten, which us this model in its HAPPY HOURS and SHOPPING China Phone Number List NIGHT campaigns. It will also be perfect when introducing a new sales offer, as in the case of Black R White. rich push. Source: pakuten.pl rich push. Source: pakuten.pl rich push.

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While e-commerce beats competitors

Source brwpl  Abandon shopping cart rescue campaigns In e-commerce, on average, only every third basket ends up with a purchase. Customers often compare offers between stores and give themselves time to choose the best one.  Offers with bigger discounts, free delivery and other amenities, marketers have to adapt shopping cart campaigns to increasingly demanding customers. Often, just an e-mail reminding you of unfinish purchases is not enough. We also recover the LOB Directory basket using recommendations directly on the website or a campaign in social mia.

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