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For example, if a given product is available in two stores – for example, in a retail and wholesale store, then the description for each should be different. It is extremely important that there is no external duplication. Google will not penetrate whether it is really a copy or whether these stores are under the same banner – different domains, the same content is duplication and that’s it. An  descriptions is the page: one-phase-transparent. html As the name suggests, one is aim at B C and the other but the product descriptions are the same.

If you have a problem with duplicate

Google makes it clear in its developer guidelines that  content on your site and you don’t follow the advice in this document, we’ll choose the version of content that will be shown in search results.  Remember that the choice of Google will not always be in line with our intention, so it’s better to make sure that exactly what we want is display. Product categories If stores in a multistore offer similar products and the main menu is also similar, make sure that the category descriptions are also different. An efficient copywriter can write , characters with spaces in ten different Macedonia Mobile Number List ways about everything. We know it’s tiring, but it’s extremely important that category descriptions are unique and unique on the scale of the entire Internet, just like.

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In The Subpage Titles Of Various Stores

Title and meta description Since we are on the topic of internal duplication, it is important to ensure that there is no duplication,Even if they sell similar products – unless you want to be your own competition. There’s nothing wrong with it. After all, a better competitor we know than some stranger. Canonicals However, if we do not want to invest in numerous descriptions, unique for each product and each category – then it is worth telling Google which page is “more LOB Directory important” for us and which is worth indexing as a priority, and which is a duplicate of the first one.

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