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In the settings of our tag, we will use this name: generate_lead This is the basic configuration.  Several types of forms on your page, you can add an event parameter to distinguish them. It may depend on the URL where the form is locat or on the ID sent in the data layer. We add the form_id parameter bas on the Form ID variable. Let’s talk about the possibilities of your business! Do you want to take advantage of our offer or ask a question? Contact us! Mandatory fields Name your e-mail Telephone What interests you? company name Detail information on the processing of personal data can be found here.

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You now ne to add the appropriate rule that matches your form. It can be displaying a thank you page, appearing information about successful submission on the same page, etc. We will choose a situation where the user is rirect to a thank you page: thank you for completing the form  to test the tags before publishing a new version of the container. While Macedonia Phone Number List in the Google Tag Manager preview mode, thanks to DebugView available in Google Analytics you will see whether the relevant data is actually sent to your service.

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Testing implement tags You have to bear in mind that this mode sometimes sends data with a delay, so wait a little longer for the appropriate events to appear here. It can take up to hours for statistics to appear in standard reports. You can find the data in the Google Analytics interface in the Reports->Engagement->Events tab : Reports->Engagement->Events Creating events bas on existing ones Google Analytics has given us a list of new features that we can use to collect data in our LOB Directory panel. One of them is the ability to set events bas on those that already exist.

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