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Manage accounts easily Therefore using a point of sale management program organizes the sales process and saves all the data with details. Therefore there are custom lists within the program such as sales invoice customers representatives prices discounts items sales returns with or without an invoice discount or addition notice all of these. Lists and more are available within the sales list which contributes greatly to the management process maintaining sales ratio and rucing errors. Carefully follow reports in the supermarket.

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On a daily rapid and accurate basis through preparing comprehensive reports on each of the departments. This is one of the powerful tasks that collects all the important data Iraq Telegram Number Data for each section and the ability to produce an adequate report through the program. How to manage personnel affairs It is consider one of the most important lists that must be present within the Easy Store cashier program for supermarket management due to the presence of many employees in the sales accounts and warehouse departments.

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Employee must be set and penalties discounts the percentage of discounts for lateness and absence and many other details must be determin. Program settings Through Bolivia Phone Number List the settings menu you can specify all the special settings to make any accounting program easy to suit your business activity add company data general settings users permissions and set up the database. Supermarket management system Accounting program for groceries You can register all items whether a box a carton or a piece for more than one price purchase price public wholesale semi wholesale retail.

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