Unable to try products It is difficult for customers to try out the products they want to buy. This results in them losing the opportunity to compare products and verify their quality and suitability for use. This can influence purchasing decisions and may result in certain products being return after purchase. Fraud and Hacking. Online stores can be vulnerable to cyber attacks by hackers and hackers which puts customers’ personal and financial data at risk. High shipping costs Online stores can incur high shipping and delivery costs especially if the products ne to be deliver quickly or are locat over a long distance. This increases.  The cost of the product thereby rucing profitability.

Digital Marketing Concept Desire to deal with

Electronic marketing is the use of the Internet and other modern technologies.  To promote and advertise products and services with the aim USA Phone Number List of reaching a specific category of customers and selling to them. E-marketing uses a range of electronic tools and technologies such as websites, social mia, email and mobile applications to attract customers and consumers and build lasting business relationships with them. Electronic marketing is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, increase sales and improve customer relationships.

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Electronic Marketing Methods

Advertising Expenditure Statistics The website publishes statistics showing the amount of money spent on electronic marketing methods worldwide. This shows the level of interest of businesses and adve rtisers to invest in this Brazil Telegram Number area. Electronic Marketing Methods Advertising Expenditure Statistics. The most popular types of electronic marketing Social mia marketing is the or services of others by placing advertising links on the marketer’s website or social mia. Marketers receive a pretermin financial commission when someone clicks on these links and purchases a product or service. Commission rates are usually determin bas on the number of sales generat through affiliate links.

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