Movement of purchases customer reports in accounting programs What is the list of purchases within the Easy Store program and its importance? The purchases list is one of the important lists in accounting programs for various commercial activities because it is consider an essential part of any accounting system and includes lists that help in managing the rest of the departments including accounts stores sales and employee affairs and creating all reports for each department.

List of purchases within the Easy

Store program Menu components Suppliers Purchases bill Modifying a purchase invoice Purchase returns Return of purchases without an invoice iting purchase returns Vendor accounts Notice of discount and addition to a supplier Kenya WhatsApp Number List Import in dollars Export suppliers’ debts to an Excel file A supply order that can be convert into a purchase invoice Supplier orders Suppliers From this screen you can add supplier data name phone address. and also search for any supplierAdding suppliers within the Easy Store program Purchases bill You can create an incoming invoice including all details and data through the regular screen or choose the quick purchases screen according to your business activity Add a purchase invoice in the Easy Store program.

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Modify a purchase invoice

You can modify the purchase invoice data through this screen. Search by the invoice number previously stor in the program Modifying a purchase invoice in the Easy Store program Purchase returns The program also enables you to make Azerbaijan Phone Number List purchase returns through this screen with ease. Just record the invoice number for which you want to make a return. Make a purchase return in the Easy Store program Return purchases without an invoice To record the return of an old purchase invoice before working on the program without having to search by invoice number just use the name of the supplier from whom the invoice was issu.

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