What are cookies for? What is their role? Cookies allow websites such as shops, information pages, websites of state offices, other public institutions and service websites to recognize the content preferr by the user. Their role is to ensure that the information provid on the website corresponds to the individual preferences of the recipient.  logins and passwords, remember on a given website and you do not have to fill them in every time.

Cookies also allow you to personalize

When you are shopping and add the select product to the basket, but you do not want to make a purchase decision yet, you can safely leave it there and think about it. After returning to the store, for example the next day, the product will still be waiting for you in the basket.  Ads, which means that the content display in search engines and other websites will be adapt to your previous actions and declarations. Do you ever feel haunt by a product you saw yesterday? If you train willpower, this can be difficult. Cookies are also us to collect statistical data. Thanks to them, website owners are able to analyze user interactions with their website and adjust their Netherlands Mobile Number List content and form so that navigating the website is convenient and optimal.

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The type of cookies can be divid

User experience is important not only in the context of websites, but also in many areas of everyday life. What are cookies for? If you want to know a bit more about UX, read our article “Is UX the same as UI. Types of cookies Cookies serve one of two main purposes: managing a single browsing session, monitoring the user’s activities during one visit, managing multiple separate sessions, recognizing the same user in subsequent sessions.  Acording LOB Directory to the origin of the files and according to the period of activity.

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