Conclusion of an agreement

An approximate request structure should look like this: Headline: “Invitation to cooperation from the brand “Name”. Text of the letter: Greetings. Brief information about the brand or product that you plan to promote. A brief explanation of why you decided to contact this blogger. Proposal for cooperation, including conditions and expected results. Once the general terms and conditions have been agreed upon, a contract should be drawn up outlining the obligations of both parties and what to do in the event of non-compliance, as well as the amount of the fee and the method of payment. The agreement must be

signed after discussing all

the terms of cooperation, including the goals of the advertising campaign, publication format, date of publication of the advertising post, approval mexico email address procedure and deadlines, as well as payment for the blogger’s work. The agreement can be concluded electronically, which is convenient, given the possible location of the blogger in another region or country. If you don’t want to deal with executing contracts and monitoring their execution, consider using advertising exchanges such as . Working through

such platforms provides control

Phone Number

over all stages of cooperation and protects you from possible problems. Drawing up technical specifications To achieve the desired result, it is important to create a detailed and understandable technical specification for an advertising publication. The technical specification must take into account the advertising format and the specifics of the  Benin Phone Number List site where it will be placed. What to indicate: Description of the product or service and the purpose of the advertising campaign. Links to social networks, website or product. In other words, Rules for pronunciation of product and brand names. Advertising content format: post, story, video, Reels. Visual requirements corresponding to the brand book.

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