Communication skill Problem solving

HTML and CSS Knowlge of JavaScript time management skill Research skill and working within a team Understand the principles of website design Responsive and interactive design Conversion rate optimization CROto create a website for your business Communicate with sales st important reportow to organize the reception of patients in clinics electronically Mar Gehad Elghazaly.

The electronic mical clinic

Achiev many achievements and contribut to solving many of the problems facing traditional clinics that still rely on the paper bas system for New Zealand Telegram Number Data management and organization. Some of these problems are poor organization not receiving patients well irregular appointments and also the occurrence of a financial deficit due to… Lack of experience and efficiency. Therefore the electronic system help solve many problems and make them advantages in mical clinics that rely on modern management programs. How to receive patients in clinics electronically.

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The most important problems

Receiving traditional patients The traditional problems of receiving patients are summariz in poor organization of roles and daily problems Croatia Phone Number List with patients and secretaries when they enter the doctor as well as lack of organization in roles and appointments which results in Long waiting lines for patients Patients cancel appointments Long term irregularity of patients in the clinic Negative reactions towards the clinic and the unorganiz system Also learn about The most important challenges and problems facing the management of clinics and mical centers.

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