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From the article you will learn, among other things: what Google Sheet add-ons can be useful in the work of an SEO specialist and not only, which add-ons you can use for free, how to get start with add-ons in a google sheet. Start with Google Add-ons To install a new add-on: Google Sheets Add-Ons That Will Improve Your SEO Specialist’s Work open a new sheet, in the menu, select “Add-ons” and then “Download add-ons”, select the extension and click “Install. For most add-ons, you will ne to give permission for the app to access your Google Account. Some of them also require additional steps, for example, providing an API key from the account of the install application from which the extension comes.

The add-on allows you to group

Search Analytics for Sheets Search Analytics for Sheets allows you to synchronize with Google Search Console and download data on queries and pages and their results, such as clicks, CTR impressions or average position, to the sheet. Data by queries, subpages, vice or country, as well as set your own filters and date ranges. It is also possible to run automatic backups that will download data to the spreadsheet at select intervals. Google Sheets Add-Ons That Will Japan Mobile Numbers List Improve Your SEO Specialist’s Work Google Analytics The Google Analytics add-on is a convenient tool for importing data from GA.

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After installing the extension, we have three options to choose from – creating a new report, running existing reports and schuling them.  Report – at this stage, we select the account and view in Google Analytics from which we want to download data and set the metrics we are interest in. We can also add the name of our document. Then we select “Run reports” and in the next sheet we get ready data. When we create additional reports, their results will go to separate sheets. The data obtain in this LOB Directory way can be present, for example, in the form of a graph.

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