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For this reason, the creat content must be adapt to the nature of the platforms and the expectations of users . However, not every company can fit into every social mia channel at a high level – not only for financial reasons. Below we present brief information on the most popular social mia channels.  The websites most suit to the brand, increasing the chances of conducting effective activities. This is especially helpful for smaller companies just entering the world of social mia. Facebook: a place for everyone? First up – Facebook. According to Napoleon Cat , the website allows reaching % of women and % of men in Poland.

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The largest group are people between and years of age.  slightly less,  % of people ag – and – . years . By having products or services dicat to people of this age, you have a chance to reach a large number of people. Slightly younger and older people also have accounts on the site, so if you are directing communication to these groups, it is not worth giving up being on Facebook. Moreover, for older people, this service is usually the only social mia they use. Of Georgia Phone Number List the opportunity to reach people from Generation X and Baby Boomers through Facebook, not limit to ALT forms only. Facebook Source: napoleoncatstats facebook-users-in-poland.

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Publishing links to the company

Internet users use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends . As indicat by HubsSpot , nearly half of the users also look for information and news on the portal. It is worth taking advantage of this fact by publishing hub-type content and sharing news – whether industry-relat or relat to your offer. Facebook is a channel that can be perfectly adapt to any business. Blog, posting the store catalogue, live broadcasts, running groups or posting photos and videos. the opportunities for the brand in this LOB Directory mium are huge, and their effectiveness – confirm by many case studies.

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