Bush’s vision for Iraq several years ago

In news of the 2004 business boom, a U.S. Department of Defense press release stated, “At any given time of the day, at least 50 to 75 people line up for a taste of korean mobile phone number Golden Fries or pizza. Burger King The world’s second largest burger chain (you know where number one is) has been in Iraq since 2003, when they opened near Basra. Whopper’s home base continued to open several more branches, allowing military personnel to shop at will in Talil, Tikrit, Karkuk, Taji, and Camp Liberty. On its first day of operation in the Iraq International Zone in 2005, the new BK served an average of more than 80 Whoppers per hour, for a total of 888 Whoppers and 357 pounds of potatoes.

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Enough to handle that amount. 8. McDonald’s The opening of a “culturally sensitive” McDonald’s in Baghdad was likely part of George W. Bush’s vision for Iraq several years ago, but the reality of that vision remains largely unknown. MaDonal, owned by Suleiman Qassab, a former Kurdish resistance figure, is a successful restaurant particularly popular with young people. Qassab is one of many who have applied for an official McDonald’s franchise in Iraq, but according to a journalist with Canada’s Globe and Mail , “the application process to open a McDonald’s in Iraq was halted shortly after it started, and corporate lawyers He never came to Sulaimaniyyah.

Taco Bell Taco Bell serves more than

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billion customers each year in the United States, and has Brazil WhatsApp Number List continued to feed its Mexican-style food to American military personnel stationed there since the invasion of Iraq. Taco Bell, located at various Army and Air Force retail bases, including Camp Victory, is another popular chain that gives service members a taste of home. However, with the news that their fast food careers are coming to an end, those left behind will have to find other options.

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