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The user can start a vio or download a document, or click a button that scrolls the page to the right place. If each of these actions is properly meter, the visit will not generate a rejection. Bounce rate Bounce rate is the percentage of all sessions on your site where users view only one page and did not perform any action consir to be an interaction with the page.  Such an indicator . How to interpret bounce rate? The coefficient gives some information – data that we have to interpret ourselves. It is not an indicator that immiately tells us what is going well and what is going wrong.

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Nevertheless it is a factor that can gui us on the right path to look for places to optimize the page. The analysis and conclusions will vary pending on the site and the industry in which the company operates. An uninteresting bounce rate of % will not always be such a bad result. Is a high bounce rate a cause for concern?  Above, there are pages for which a bounce Changsha Mobile Phone Numbers rate of %- % is not a problem. For example, if we offer blog content and drive traffic to it. the user’s landing page is a page with an article, then the goal we want to achieve is for the recipient to read the article. Many times we look for some information on.

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This is a completely natural action

The Internet how to do something, how to fix something, compare products or look for reviews. Users read the content, i.e. they fulfill our goal, and then continue their search elsewhere.  But how can we talk about success if our bounce rate for such a visit was %? Looking at the rest of the pages, the result is still not satisfactory, because it reach, for LOB Directory example, %. The thing is that we have to look at the context. In this case, such a high level of bounce rate is not a bad thing, and even very typical.

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