A podcast is an audio form

Google must adapt search results to the growing popularity of podcasts and present them in such a way that the user is satisfi with the results. Thus, the Google search engine tries to include audio forms in the positioning process – we invite you to read the guide on how to position podcasts to make them friendly to Google robots. What is a podcast? Of someone’s speech or conversation on a given topic. So how is it different from radio broadcasts? Honestly Nothing except that not every radio show can be listen to later. Podcasts, on the other hand, are available long-term on streaming services. Podcast listeners emphasize that they like the fact that they can listen to them while doing other activities.

It is also not without significance

Cooking, standing in a traffic jam, or exercising – each of these activities is a great opportunity to get acquaint with different content, a podcast.  That the content contain in podcasts is highly trust by recipients (according to the Tandem Mia report) – podcasts are consider more trustworthy than information from television. The trend is constant and noticeable. For years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the popularity of “podcast” in Google Search: How to Qatar Phone Number List optimize podcasts? Contrary to appearances, optimizing podcasts is exactly the same as optimizing any other content! Before we record and publish the podcast.

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Tools that are best suit for keyword

It would be good to conduct key phrase research and try to answer the users’ questions in the audio content, which we also have to pre-examine.  Research: SENUTO, SEO, Ahrefs, Keyword planner What to look for when analyzing keywords for a podcast? Therefore, with podcast optimizationis the same as, for example, an article, then we must pay attention to the same factors when analyzing LOB Directory keywords. Make sure that the phrase actually relates to the topic of the podcast.

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